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Imagine. Make. Believe.

Your goal?
To give your child the best possible start in life.
To bring you the best possible child care.

Here is what we offer

Afterschool   Kindergarten

Toddler Care   Infant Care

Some Things About Us

It's All About the Kids

Healthy Meals

Ingenious offers meals that are cooked in house. We strive for all products on our menu to be free of chemicals. Meats will be 100% natural, no artificial ingredients, no artificial colors, no preservativies, no hormones or antibiotics.
We try to reduce the amount of sugar for our meals where we can. We have an ethnic menu that includes indian, mexican, chinese, italian, and more. On Fridays we are vegetarian!


Not only are our foods diverse, but we are a bilingual center that teaches in English and Spanish. We incorporate the spanish language through music, books, numbers, and art.

Mindful Child Care

Children love to explore the world around them, and we want to provide them a peaceful and creative journey of life. We provide our children with different mindful activities throughout the day like: yoga, breathing exercises, and awareness practices. Our children will learn to be in touch with their internal and external environments to cultivate social and emotional understanding.

Brightwheel App Daily Tracking

At Ingenious we incorporate an app that allows us to keep track of your children's daily activities, meals, diaper changes, naps, incidents, and medications. This app is very useful for you to feel like your involved in your childs day to day. We also use Brightwheels billing system to process payments.

High Quality Air Filtration System

Having a quality air filtration will reduce the spread of germs.

COVID-19 Procedures

We follow the CDC guidelines and the Franklin Health Department. Masks are asked to be worn by all staff, children aged 2+, and visitors. We disinfect all common spaces daily and toys.